Talking About Football on a Podcast

I made an appearance on the Calvin’s Corner podcast, in which I answered as to why I don’t watch football anymore. Before you get defensive and assume I am asking you to do the same, I would ask you to listen first.

I am working on a post where I flesh this out a little more and answer some objections others have made. Enjoy the show…

One thought on “Talking About Football on a Podcast

  1. dswoager February 8, 2016 / 9:47 am

    One of the complicating factors seems to be that the NFL has at least as bad of a wink and nod policy toward PEDs as MLB had over the last few decades. The problem being that in baseball, bigger faster and stronger was generally being inflicted on small spheres covered with leather, where in football the impact of that lifestyle is being taken out on other human beings.

    I think that the NFL could at least save us from some of this moralizing by biting the bullet and truly cleaning up the game. At least by that point we might have a better idea what we’re looking at.

    On the other hand you have to really wonder, with the astronomical amount of money at stake, if anyone really had the guts to take any meaningful steps.

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