1. The grace of God for us covers the gracelessness we show toward others.

2. Needing to have the best is a terrible slavery.

3. The myth of America as a Christian nation is revealed in our collective hope in politicians and our hatred towards those we disagree with.

4. Ray LaMontagne

5. In all seriousness, how insecure do you have to be to make fun of someone who likes cheap beer? Related, don’t complain about your student debt if you’re drinking the expensive beer.

6. The most engaging political act is praying “Thy kingdom come.”

7. The older I get the less I need to be entertained. I can’t tell if it’s contentment or resignation.

8. I’ve been reading through Keller’s Counterfeit Gods and it’s killing me. In a very painful way.

9. The writer of The God of the Mundane struggles in his cubicle.

10. Last night we watched the scene where Jesus raises Lazarus in The Gospel of John movie. I imagine that Jesus had no doubt that His friend would walk out of the tomb by his command. As God’s Son, his soul swirled with assurance. I want that kind of assurance of God’s love and in the hope of my own resurrection.