Random Thoughts for the Weekend


1. Unlike our culture, Jesus does not define the members of his kingdom by their sins.

2. Just in case no one told you, change is possible. And I’m not talking about changing the world. I’m talking about changing from a life of fear and frustration, anxiety and anger…death, to a life of peace and joy. If that is not true, then Jesus, our King is a liar.

3. Having access to the internet makes it possible for you to find what you need to be critical of the people you already did not like.

4. What do you dream of? Do you dream of walking with God or just a better and newer version of the American dream without any troubles? Do you dream of walking with God now or only later as a sort of consolation prize after this life is done with? We should assume our dreams are forming us.

5. The Screwtape Letters is a uniquely brilliant piece of writing.

6. If you never read books and listen to music that is hundreds (or thousands) of years old, it will be hard for you to see how many of modernity’s assumptions you hold. But of course, because those books and pieces of music have stood the test of time, they can help us understand this cultural moment.

7. I had an old friend go on ahead of us a couple of days ago. I didn’t find out about it till last night. Hit me like a brick in the chest. We were the same age, though now she stands outside of such notions.

8. I can find no evidence of Paul’s anger at the Empire, even while he was in prison. He doesn’t ridicule them or complain or rail against them. It’s weird.

9. Maybe what we are seeing in our cultural moment is not the problem. Maybe we are now seeing on the outside what has always been the problem on the inside.

10. What is happening in the kingdom of God is never in the news. But it is the best news imaginable.

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