Tuesday’s 10: Observations After Time On the Beach

1. Miller Lite is not going out of business anytime soon.

2. Some folks go to the beach to see the beauty of the ocean. Some go to try and be more beautiful.

3. My wife and I are rebels. We do not have tattoos.

4. I wonder if you could just show up in your underwear. Would anyone notice? Would anyone care?

5. I was totally successful. I got virtually no sun whatsoever.

6. I don’t love the beach. But I love looking up from my book and seeing that vast expanse of water and sky, a horizon only limited by my own eyes and the curvature of the globe.

7. All you need to know is – bacon-wrapped shrimp skewers.

8. I can’t help but feel there is a letting loose of restraint on the edge of the coast. As if propriety and decorum and dignity are shoved to the side like garnish.

9. One thought kept flashing across my mind over and over, “We are all playing at the edge of this body of water the way we play at the edges of beauty.”

10. I never tire of being alone with my wife.