Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. My first generation iPhone still works.

2. Going to see Patty Griffin this Friday. Not sure if you knew that.

3.Ummm, if you think those protestors are right about Wall Street, can I have all the stuff you own because of rich Wall Street bankers? You should probably get rid of your stuff. Thanks.

4. My first ipod had 64 GB. My first computer had about 500 MB and it was only 5 years older.

5. When my wife goes into the kitchen to cook some kind of magic happens and life becomes more awesome.

6. Last night I was retweeted by Dale Murphy, a childhood hero. No big deal, I will never wash my Twitter stream again.

7. Some pastor will will probably tweet something from his iPhone about idol worship and Steve Jobs.

8. I wonder if bacon thinks I’m awesome too.

9. If you would have told me a couple of months ago I would know what I know now about banking and the world of finance, I would have laughed in your face.

10. God, Family, Meat, Country.

Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. Grace is big enough to nestle in between the tiniest of comforting words.

2. I like Winnie the Pooh more than an almost 40 year old should. My kids don’t like the bear with no pants enough.

3. I have an inordinate amount of anger towards spammers. And it looks kinda like this.

4. Beauty is medicine for a weary soul.

5. There are three men in the library that I’m in. They look like they could credibly play a serial killer in one of those crappy network dramas…CSI: Vestavia.

6. Last night I had dinner with my wife’s cousin. He’s a firefighter. I told him how to better do his job, you know… how you might be tempted to tell your pastor to do his.

7. When you begin to doubt if God is good, remember bacon.

8. One of the great mysteries of the Universe is why every mexican restaurant has thin salsa everybody loves but every “Restaurant Style” offered in grocery stores is thick and chunky. C’mon Obama, get on that problem!

9. Just kidding about #6, I actually just looked at him in awe.

10. Started watching Battlestar Galactica last night. Not sure yet how I feel about it. But every time the new President was on screen I wanted her to say, “Tatonka.”

Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. My wife made Carnitas last night and they were awesome. (I’m actually typing this on Wednesday but I’m pretty certain they will be awesome. Update: Awesomeness confirmed)

2. Choosing chopsticks over a fork is like choosing the telegraph over the iPhone.

3. C.S. Lewis volunteered for WWI and yet loved Jane Austen. I’ll take his manliness over the faux-manliness of the UFC-loving guys.

4. I love saying “Carnitas”.

5. I know I’m supposed to be thankful in all circumstances but does that include the circumstance of a song by Gloria Estefan?

6. I only eat free-range corn dogs.

7. I couldn’t be a pacifist if only because I like the Bourne movies and Taken too, too much. And i long for the day of conceal carry for rocket-launchers.

8. Did you know Marie Antoinette never said, “Let them eat cake”? But the real shocker is that Calvin Coolidge did say “Let them eat Bacon.”

9. I don’t trust people that don’t like Ray Charles.


Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. (Standing up sheepishly and looking disheveled) “Hi, my name is Matt Redmond and I cannot remember the last time I had bacon.” (looks down ashamedly and sits down with head bowed.)

2. I’ve lost 3 4 friends on facebook in the last couple of days. I blame the Tea Party, El Nino and Tokyo Rose (Update: maybe also Joe McCarthy?).

3.  If we are after the respect of the world around us we will not take positions on justice the world does not respect.

4. I’ve got mad dishwasher filling skills.

5. I only eat buffalo wings if the buffaloes were treated kindly before being de-winged.

6. A few days after I finished Coulter’s newest book, the premise played out in England, Israel and Philadelphia.

7. My wife is hot. And you know what? She’s tired of it and ready for fall.

8. All these riots prove we are not ready for the rise of dinosaur robots with jet packs and rocket launchers.

9. I’ve got $5, I owe $50 so of course I’m gonna go buy a new car.

10. I mean I can understand why some people would want to re-elect our President, for one he’s not stupid like that stupid Sarah Palin, who stupidly wants us to have lower taxes, lower energy costs like an idiot while at the same time reducing our energy dependency on countries which hate us (which is brainless) and she stupidly wants to create jobs by creating wealth. Women are so dumb.

Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. I don’t want to live in a world with no black bomb birds.

2. Normally after I see a band/singer live in concert, I want to listen to their music. But after seeing U2 and Josh Ritter live, I’ve just wanted to listen to Adele. And Ray Charles.

3. Well, at least I write good.

4. I don’t believe in forced baptisms or conversions. But I do believe in forced Harry Potter readings.

5. My son keeps telling me it’s unfair there are not more “punch bugs” on the road. And I don’t even know how to respond except to say, “I know.”

6. I’m very, very particular about what coffee I will drink – it has to be inexpensive, brown and hot or lukewarm.

7. So I’m reading The Count of Monte Cristo and the whole time I’m thinking, “This is incredible! Why didn’t I read this for the 7th time earlier!”

8. Taking the kids to the beach next week. Thinking about going on vacation afterwards.

9. I’m pretty sure the answer to our country’s financial problems are jet-packs and rocket-launchers.

10. This bacon-free list is brought to you by Thursday morning’s sausage and biscuits.

Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. I think fries should be served with pizza.

2. Shouldn’t it be “debt floor” instead?

3. It may be true that the bigger they are the harder they fall. But it is also true that the the bigger they are the more untouchable they are.

4. I keep thinking of Lionel Richie when I read about the debt ceiling.

5. How come every movie isn’t as awesome as Silverado?

6. Yesterday a number of people ended up on my blog because they searched for “cokkie crisp cereal.”

7. Look, I don’t like spanking my kids either but…Angry Birds!

8. I have now read a number of people say we should not be reading those vicious anti-SGM attack sites full of nothing but angry, spiteful, disgruntled people. What is wrong with this statement?

9. I didn’t really believe in the circle of life till I saw my kids laughing hard at Tom & Jerry this morning.

10. Shrimp wrapped in bacon.

Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. In the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed something interesting. My blog is getting lots of hits from Germany and Russia. Though I am sure this is totally unrelated, I’m reading a book on communism and one on fascism.

2. Question: can you publicly rebuke someone for publicly rebuking a public statement?

3. My desire to write about bacon on Thursdays is pavlovian.

4. Looked at how much it cost to go see Adele in the ATL. Whoa.

5. My wife keeps getting better looking. Me? Not so much.

6. My son refuses to believe that Superman would not suck his thumb. Great, another lawyer. (Wink at my friend, Anita.)

7. “Missional” can be a helpful word as long as we don’t use it as a hammer against critics or a hedge against criticisms.

8. So, I’m actually thinking about buying a gun and learning to hunt. But it has to be a pretty gun.

9. When my wife forgets to buy bacon, it puts stress on our marriage. And our lunch.

10. Wait. Do you need a concealed carry permit if you get a belt with dual holsters and a couple of colt revolvers?

Tuesday’s 10: Favorite Foods

Limiting my favorite foods to 10 would be stupid hard. So that is not what this is. These are 10 foods that would always be at the top.

1. Buffalo Wings. I discovered these babies back in the summer of 1991 while I was living in Buffalo for the summer. They cheap, hot and everywhere. I never not want them. I’m trying to think back over the years and remember if I’ve ever had some bad ones. Nope.

2. Shrimp. I have never eaten shrimp cooked in any fashion and thought it was not royally good. On my last vacation I had shrimp 7 different ways.

3. Bacon. Maybe this should be number 1. Sorry bacon, momentary lapse of reason.

4. Hot Dogs. I eat them all the time and have been eating them all the time since I was a kid. The ones I eat now are almost fat free. But I add stuff to help ’em out. See Number 3.

5. Pizza. I think people who do not like pizza are communists. Or fascists. Either way, they should be looked at sideways and you should worry about your belongings. The best pizza around me is Café Luigi in Riverchase.

6. Reuben Sandwich. A good Reuben is worth whatever it costs. One of my favorites is the Russell Street Reuben from McGurk’s in the STL.

7. Cheeseburger. Who doesn’t like these besides communists and fascists? Add bacon and it becomes an eschatological experience. Around these parts Mugshots has the best.

8. Bar-B-Que. Wait. maybe this should be number 1. You know how rice is a called a “staple” for Asians? Well, for the Redmonds, this is our staple. I grew up eating this all the time. Pork shoulder, Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, Chicken, Turkey, Bacon. You name it, I think if you smoke it and put some BBQ sauce on it, it’s dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast for that matter. I also smoke my own.

9. Asian. Speaking of Asians. I love your food. At least the americanized form of it. Favorites? Pad Thai. Mongolian Beef. Lo Mein. Teriyaki Beef. Satay. Laab. Sushi. Fried Rice. Crab Rangoon. Egg Rolls. Spring Rolls.

10. Gyro. I can remember when I was in college and I realized not everyone grew up eating Greek food. I’m Irish…and Native American. But Birmingham is rife with Greek places. Some have white table cloths and some are dives that stay open all night. A Gyro Wrap from The Purple Onion is about as good as it gets. My body often craves shaved meat from a spinning pole.

Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. It’s been 10 years since I heard U2 live. Is it like riding a bike?

2. I feel sorry for Pacifists. Cause the Bourne movies are awesome. And Star Wars, Shenandoah, The Godfather and Saving Private Ryan. Of course they do have Bambi.

3. I’d be better at Angry Birds if my kids didn’t need to eat a ridiculous 3 times a day.

4. Finding out John Lennon was a closet Republican has made my week. It’s my double fantasy.

5. Wasn’t feeling very Southern, so I ate some fried pickles last night. Helps.

6. Sometimes I just sit and watch my kids playing. And sometimes I just stand there and watch bacon sizzling.

7. Do you think the makers of the Star Wars prequels thought, “Well, Mark Hamill couldn’t act and look at how well those did?”

8. Emotions are poor substitutes for facts.

9. It is a special day when as a Dad you realize you’re 2 year old son can make crashing noises with his toy cars.

10. On the 4th (sorry Pacifists) I’ll be smoking some ribs (sorry vegetarians) and I’m not sure which I’m looking forward to more, the smoking or the eating (sorry Damerons).

Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. If you’re a conservative, don’t you want to elect someone liberals don’t like? And vice versa?

2. I’m pretty sure if my wife went to cooking school, she’d be famous.

3. The pastor is the only position I can think of where he is expected to be the expert with all the right answers while taking seriously the opinions of those who are not pastors, nor want to be.

4. If politicians were serious about fighting crime they would give police officers rocket launchers.

5. But if my wife was a famous cook, I’d probably still be single and miserable. And hungry… which is ironic.

6. Bacon is redemptive. It covers a multitude of culinary sins. “I burnt dinner!” “Does it have bacon on it?” “Yes…” “Well then.”

7. So if you think about it, I get to enjoy this incredible food at the expense of everyone else not getting to. Sounds about right to me.

8. Anyone else still trying to figure out how Billy Joel got Christie Brinkley?

9. Ask yourself this question about the pastors you listen to: Are they known for their message of grace or stepping on toes?

10. And if my wife was hiding back in some kitchen, I could not watch her cook… she’s dang good looking… so, it’s like I get to enjoy this special matrix of all that’s awesome in my very own kitchen… add bacon and it’s perfect.