Friday’s Random Thoughts

1. I may or may not tap my foot when my wife is listening to Taylor Swift.

2. I sent in a request to get a refund for the new Radiohead album. I told them I downloaded the wrong album…I downloaded an electronica album by mistake. I will keep you all up to date on that.

3. I have now read in two different places about bacon-wrapped dates. Both times I picture me going to my wife’s old apartment to pick her up and she’s wrapped in bacon. And then I just wish the kids were staying at my parents.

4. These random thoughts are effortless but get a heck of a lot of hits. Maybe I should stop writing and start thinking.

5. Tired of cool. Want beautiful. Like my daughter.

6. There are not many things more enjoyable than watching a 4-6-3 on a spring day.

7. Since Libya still remains on the UN Human Rights Panel perhaps my dreams of working with Michelle Obama on her nutrition task force are still viable.

8. Ask yourself this, “If the new radiohead were released by a new band without a cult following, would I like it”?

9. Advice to young bloggers: More questions. Less answers. More about what you are learning. Less about what others should learn.

10. So this is the new movement? I wondered what would be next.

Update: Due to some unflattering comments (one which I deleted…Dave, my mom reads this blog) I want to be clear that I’m not entirely cynical on this blog. In this edition of Random Thoughts I affirm the musical stylings of Taylor Swift, my wife, bacon, dates with my wife, my wife wrapped in bacon, random thoughts posts, baseball season, spring and my daughter.

But I am also not Pollyanna about the promises made to young men about movements and what they might produce. I am cynical about these things and would ask you to at least think long and hard about them. 

And be nice on my blog…I’ve never begged anyone to read it. Wait, there was that one time…