"I Have No Desire To Be A Missionary Or A Pastor"

Ever said this? Chances are, you have. But not out loud. Out loud you said, “I do not feel called to the ministry or going overseas or…” But down deep the idea of being in ministry or marrying a minister sounded like a particular division of eternal torment you were not so inclined to visit.

And I think it’s OK. Fine, even. Actually, I would call it “good.”
But I know why you feel this way. You are supposed to want to do ministry. And if you do not want to cast off the wares of the west and head east to convert the heathen you are carnal, unspiritual or have not read the newest book to make you feel guilty about whatever profession you have chosen. Listen, the only legitimate excuse you have for not wanting to do ministry is lack of ability. For why would you not want to do something so needed?! Or so the reasoning goes.
But we should all be OK with those who do not want to be in ministry and celebrate their decisions. Maybe we should ordain plumbers and poets, I don’t know. But what I do know is I want only pastors who want to be pastors down deep for the same reason I only want the guy who fixes my brakes to love working on cars and mine specifically. I do not want him despising his work and longing for something more spiritual.
Just go ahead and love God and do what you want.

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