Update: More Thoughts On Election Day

1. I have always enjoyed watching the returns on election night. And when I say “always” I mean since I was a kid, when we had an election in 4th grade and I voted for Reagan. My parents inexplicably voted for Carter that year.

2. Politics and governance are matters of social justice.

3. Can someone tell me again why I am not supposed to like Sarah Palin? Cause I do.

4. I would listen to liberal politicians more if they if wanted to lower my taxes instead of raising them.

5. I would listen to liberal pundits more if they would not be so predictable in calling every conservative politician they disagree with, “dumb.”

6. There is a lot of talk about how Christians (nearly always conservative) mix up their faith and their political convictions and the problem this presents. I’m not buying it. I have never met these people. I have met people whose faith informs how they vote and think.

7. Jonathan Edwards would be in the bulls-eye of those who criticize the mixing of faith and politics.

8. It is not necessarily a sign of faithlessness or lack of eternal perspective to be disappointed if the election does not go the way you would like. It could be the absence of faith that causes this disappointment but it could also be the presence of care for others and the pursuit of justice.

9. I think many young Christians will not identify themselves as conservative simply because they do not want to relinquish the social cache of being independently minded. In a world tyrannized by “cool,” being a conservative can make you an intellectual leper.

10. I know the last thing I am supposed  to say is something about how in the whole scheme of things this does not matter. But I don’t agree. Jobs and healthcare and taxes and abortion and marriage and laws do matter while people still live here. The “this world is not my home” argument is true but it is also true that you should care about those who still and will live here. Elections affect people and we are supposed to care about people. And yes, Jesus reigns still.