Random Thoughts While Sick

I’m sick.

And I have a lot to do – so blogging may be light over the next couple of days. However, since I cannot stop thinking, here ya go:

1) I think it’s weird when people say, ‘I hate being sick.’ And yet…

2) Being sick is a catch-22. The temptation is to be in a foul mood and make others miserable. However, if you smile a lot, people think you cannot be all that sick.

3) You might think I would crave bacon when sick. Nope. I crave Chinese food and swear by its healing powers.

4) I just called my 2 year old a ‘menace.’

5) Angry Birds makes me angry when I am not feeling well.

6) When sick I think about the other people who are well and envy them as if I will never be one of them again. I think back to the glory days of health and how I wasted those days! But alas, I am unwell.

7) Why are my kids so loud when I am sick?

8) I take Nyquil in a tankard.

9) I had started running again so I knew that sickness was on the way. Happens every time.

10) I know you think I am being a big baby. So. Takes one to know one. (Sticking tongue out) ~

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