1. Just got the new Adele album. Timeless. I’ve only listened through 3 times but I cannot imagine a better album coming out this year.

2. On the way to lunch yesterday with my 5 yr old son:
    Me: What a beautiful day!
    Knox: Yep!
    Me: With all the flowers, and trees and blue sky above.
    Knox: And beautiful cars and Star Wars…

3. If loving the Yankees is wrong I don’t wanna be right.

4. If we really cared about crime, all policemen would dress like they are S.W.A.T. and they would carry rocket-launchers.

5. Wait a second, did that Rebecca Black song come out on April 1st?

6. I know I’m supposed to be waiting for the economy to get better or something but I really am just waiting for Angry Birds Easter.

7. Was reading the other day about a writer’s need for “branding” among other things. I don’t know about the other things but that branding has got to hurt.

8. Every time I cook my kids bacon I pray to the God of the New Covenant that they will not eat it.

9. My desire for the US budget to be cut and for the reduction of government spending comes from my hatred of children, women and old people. And puppies.

10. Parachute Pants > Skinny Jeans.