Why A Eugene Peterson Resources Page?

By the end of 2009 I was feeding off the writings of Eugene Peterson in an unprecedented way. The goal was not to advance in the Christian life. The goal was the salvation of my vocational soul and get as much sanity as I could. For years I had mined other pastors for their passion. But as 2009 was coming to a close, I looked out across the horizonless landscape of my own confusion and saw I needed to tap into wisdom. Soul-deep wisdom was the need. 

Even though I feared how my own theological tribe would view me, I started blogging about what I was learning, how I was feeling and my new ability to breath deeply. Ever since I have heard from others who have felt the same way about Peterson’s books for pastors as well as his other works. And almost every week since I’ve received at least one email, text message, etc. wanting me to recommend one of his books.

So, this page. A page to grow over time and expand as I read more and more. Hopefully it will become a little corner of sanity in an ecclesiastical world gone mad.

A brief word to young men… You could go ahead and read him now. Although you probably will not listen to him because you think you have it all together. Eventually you’ll grow to realize how much more you knew when you were young. Right now, you are where I once was, only wanting to read what was on the “Allowed Reading List.” May God give you the humility only experience could give me.

It is no secret that my series of blogposts on “The God of the Mundane”, which have turned into a book to be released later this year were inspired by all I was learning from Eugene Peterson. I makes no bones about it. His fingerprints are all over it. If anyone reads my work and thinks the words there sound like Peterson, I’ll be more than happy.

And not only as a pastor have I been helped. As a man, also, I’ve found solace. Since jumping into the deep end of Peterson’s works, I’ve been able to stop and think and take a much needed breath. I can stop, look up into the black canvas of night on which the stars sit so gladly and breath the night air contentedly. Every moment now rings with echoes of grace and mercy – the goodness of what God is doing around me…the reign of this resurrected King touching on all things.

So, the Eugene Peterson Resources Page.

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