1. The Washington Post is interested in what is going on in Sovereign Grace Ministries.

2. Beatles blogger extraordinaire, Matt Blick has been blogging his way through Abbey Road. Beatles fans, your mind will explode with information…in a good way, though. Absolutely fascinating.

3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo…

4. Who doesn’t like a good waking-up-from-a-coma story? Well, here’s ten of ’em.

5. I’m obsessed with the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. The tragedy Taleisin adds to the fascination..

6. OK, you convinced me. I’m going to buy a go-cart Prius now.

7. I mean why would a lawless administration care about laws?

8. Damn, Tea Party.

9. This is awesome and makes me hungry for chicken teriyaki.

10. The greatest (non-bacon) customer service story ever told.

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