Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. I remember when ESPN was awesome.

2. You hardly ever hear of anyone disliking C.S. Lewis, even though he had some strange views. I wanna be liked like that. Maybe I should write some children’s books, loved the world over.

3. I got a little sad when I realized that baseball season is half way over. But thinking about baseball always leads to thinking about hot dogs, and that made me feel better.

4. I’ve been listening to a lot of songs lately that are not “Call Me Maybe.”

5. I have now listened to two lectures by N.T. Wright and find myself still alive and believing.

6. For the first time since I was very young, my stuttering is becoming a hindrance and getting much worse, affecting conversation daily.

7. “…more than watchmen for the morning…”

8. Who wants to give me a job where I get paid to check baseball scores and read British novels?

9. More of Brad Pitt’s mom. Less of Brad Pitt.

10. At the risk of inadvertently creating a black hole in our den, I let both of my sons wear a Spiderman costume. At. The. Same. Time.

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