Thursday’s Random Thoughts


1. BCS National Championships make me miss baseball.

2. What I wish the the lady at Barnes & Noble had said – “No, we don’t have that book but we can order it and it will take about as long to get here as when you were a kid and you ordered something off a cereal box.”

3. By definition a short book is supposed to be short. It would be unnatural for a short book to be long.

4. Meals without Five Guys are lame.

5. Look, I know I’m not a great banker and people wonder why I’m there, but there’s no need for HR to put me in the X-Files.

6. Hope punches through the clouds knowing the stars still shine.

7. I know I’m supposed to be comforted by more important things, but when I walk in and my son is playing with my old Millennium Falcon…wait, I have something in my eye…

8. At work, the ladies can just wear slacks and a blouse. I’m thinking about forming a union to demand that we get to wear slacks and blouses too!

9. The business world is a weird, weird place by the way. And I feel like a stranger in a strange land.

10. Honestly? I hoped for money. Instead I get to hear all these stories about being helped by what I’ve written and it’s of incalculable worth.

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