1. Yesterday was a hard day. Bittersweet. I was so glad to say goodbye to a job I’ve been struggling through for nearly four years. But man, I loved the people I worked with.

2. I have never studied nor even read on the subject of brand identity. So all of my thoughts are born of observation and speculation. But I cannot help but think modern western culture identifies with brands in an unhealthy way and very different from the generations before us. Before, men and women identified with their vocation and what they actually created and did. Now, we identify with what others have created and done. It’s odd, really.

3. Churches are guilty of brand identity also. And they are also guilty of encouraging it.

4. Looking forward to my wife putting my new lawn mower together.

5. It is good for your neighborhood to have a few foreclosures in it. Why? Otherwise you probably live in the neighborhood version of a high school cool kid clique with all the drama and snobbery and competition.

6. Protip: When someone buys something new, don’t talk about how bad it is and what a bad idea it was. They’ve bought it. Telling them it won’t work out is nothing short of cruel.

7. On my last two days of work, we had a problem locking the vault, which kept me at the bank way late and then my final customer was someone who brought me a document I was not able to notarize. Pretty good summation.

8. To suggest explicitly or implicitly the main work of a Christian is evangelization is to be completely out of step with the Scriptures. And when I say completely, I mean completely.

9. The blackened shrimp I will eat tonight.

10. Man, I wish my parents were able to share in the good news of me changing jobs after waiting so long.