1. We started watching The Gospel of John last night. We will watch about 5 mins every night for a couple months. After we’ve discussed the scene, we’ll then pray together. Our hope is to have conversations about Jesus with our kids. I also hope for at least 10 mins every night when I won’t have to hear my boys talk about Pokemon.

2.  The NT is silent on the pursuit of our dreams.

3. Sara Groves’ new album Floodplain is a breathtaking piece of atmospheric americana. The subdued drama reminds me of Emmylou’s Wrecking Ball. And every perfect summer night on an open road. She’s also a fellow traveler through the dark night of the soul. You can hear it soft and clear.

4. The work of the cross is staggering because Jesus died for his enemies. Though he deserved to live and defend his righteousness, he died for his enemies. He died for us. The incongruity my desire to kill my enemies is also staggering.

5. For the last couple of nights, Bethany and I have sat in the den with a fire listening to music. No TV. The kind of nights you never regret.

6. I never understood how much the joy of the holidays was connected to my parents till they were gone.

7. I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolution of eating wings and pizza everyday in 2016.

8. I may be going through a midlife crisis of faith. Where my faith is steady confidence in the love of God for me despite what happens. I hope it lasts.

9. I would think a pastor who refused to kill his enemies because he loved them would be a force to reckon with.

10. I’m pretty convinced the greatest obstacle in the Christian life is fear. And that the remedy is love.