Random Thoughts for the Weekend

bill evans

It’s been awhile…

1. In the kingdom of God, under the rule of our Lord and King, Jesus, there is no option of stepping over the hurting and vulnerable so as to achieve a virtuous end. By sheer logic, it cannot be done and remain within the kingdom. It cannot be done in name of tax cuts. It cannot be done in the name of the unborn.

2. The irony is how blind we are to our captivity because of our high definition televisions.

3. Having a whole week off from a job you love at Thanksgiving…, well, there’s no category for that.

4. Yesterday I drove through two SEC college towns and you could actually see the tail wagging the dog.

5. Bill Evans sounds like rain falling in the night.

6. I actually believe what the church needs now more than ever is a robust pastoral theology rooted in the history of the church. The therapy-driven discipleship models and the thin “I just think” practices we have adopted need to be replaced with thick thoughts about God and who we are before God that have been around longer than the current news cycle.

7. There are also a lot of evangelicals not supporting Roy Moore. Actually, I have yet to see one Roy Moore yard sign. But signs for his opponent are everywhere.

8. It dawned on me the other night, during a miserable experience at McDonald’s (for the sake of my children) how I expect employees there to act happy working in a job I would never do. Their misery at work should require my compassion instead of contempt.

9. I am weary of my phone. Not because I want a new and better one like *they* want me to. I am weary of “needing” one and carrying one.

10. My wife standing beside a perfectly browned turkey on Thanksgiving Day…happy Thanksgiving to me, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for the Weekend

  1. 2charp November 25, 2017 / 9:32 am

    #6 – Amen! Sad thing is, most evangelicals will never see/get this.

  2. Dan from Georgia November 29, 2017 / 6:55 am

    #4 – the Bible Belt and SEC towns…where their true religion is practiced on Saturdays.

    #8 – amen. Wife and I try to be more hospitable than hostile towards crabby employees at restaurants. If I am crabby at the time it’s all the more difficult.

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