re: Awards Day

To the parents with a kid (or kids) who never get any awards on awards day,

I’d like to encourage you with two things.

One encouragement is monumental and the other is quite small.

First, let me encourage you with the monumental reality of God’s love. According to Paul in Romans 8, nothing can separate you or your child from that love. There may not be anything wrong with awards day, but it functions the way the world works. And the world works according to résumés. But God does not. So be encouraged by his lovingkindness and see to it your child is too.

Now for a small encouragement…

I never won an award.

Not even one.

I never had perfect attendance.

(Btw, perfect attendance is saddest award ever.)

I never made any honor roll.

I once made a 70 in math and my dad took me to McDonald’s he was so relieved.

I rarely did my homework. And if I did it was at the last minute and I might have copied it from Mario Roosley.

I barely graduated from High School.

I was not even sure I would till they gave me that diploma. I only passed because my Algebra 2 teacher got tired of me. It was my 2nd time to take the class. I failed the first time. 64 was failing. The 65 I got was all grace.

I hated every day of school ever.

I was skipping school by my Senior year.

What’s worse is I was kinda nerdy but didn’t make good grades. Not a winning combination.
Why might this be encouraging?

All but the truly desperate parents may want to stop reading here. Because this is going to sound like bragging but I’m going to risk it.

You were warned…

Before all was said and done, I had a Master’s degree which has the hour equivalent of a doctorate. I have studied five languages. I’m a voracious reader who can intelligently discuss a number of disciplines and how they relate to one another: theology, history, philosophy, literature, etc.
I read at least one hundred substantial books a year. I never made the best grades on book reports or when you had to analyze a poem. But I still read those books and I know some of those poems by heart. I collect poetry books for crying out loud.

I know more about Jane Austen, Bach, and Dante than anyone I know.

I am now a published author. People pay to read what I have said and to listen to me. My book has now been used as part of a college course.

More than all that, I married far above me to a girl who after 23 years still makes me swoon and laugh.
I have three children.

My oldest daughter, who has ASD, is about graduate from HS.

My middle son and I now have regular conversations about how to follow Jesus as a teenage boy.
My youngest son is the nicest person I’ve ever met.

They’ll probably never win awards at school.

I have best friends who are worth more than the treasures of this world.

I’m a member of a great church and they’ve entrusted me to help disciple their young children on Sunday nights.

**Awards day is not indicative of future success.**

My advice?

If your kid gets no award or just one of those lame ones like a participation trophy, take them out to their favorite restaurant and make sure they know you love them just the same.

That’s a killer award. Take it from me.

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