Midweek Music: Have You Ever Gotten Obsessed With An Album?

Have you ever gotten obsessed with an album?

In case you haven’t noticed I’m a little obsessed with the new Adele album, 21. I keep trying to listen to other stuff, but it’s no use. Yesterday, I tried Rubber Soul and the whole time I just wanted to get back to 21. For now, I’m stuck in a vortex having listened to her album at least 40 times since buying it about a month ago.

Have you ever gotten so stuck on album you listened to it non-stop for this long or longer? I need to know so I know I’m not crazy….

Random Thoughts: A Light-Hearted Edition

1. This makes it real hard to be a Neil Young fan. That and his music.

2.  Some people think it is an injustice that Bristol Palin is still on DWTS. I think it is an injustice the show even exists.

3. The Beatles are dominating the iTunes charts. Take that cynics.

4. Someone brilliant asked, “Why would you require the pilot of the plane to go through security…since HE COULD TAKE IT DOWN SIMPLY BY STEERING”?!

5. Outside of the military, is there anything the federal government does well?

6. Are TSA screeners going to be in charge of my physicals when Obamacare hits the streets?

7. I feel sorry for people who reference their favorite college team in their email and comment on forums. That is, unless I know you… then this does not apply to you because that would be mean.

8. I’m thinking about starting a fake Twitter account and using it to post Tim Keller quotes without referencing him just to see if anybody would re-tweet them.

9. This remains at the top of my wish list. I know it’s digital – but aren’t we supposed to be saving all the baby seals who die in the process of making physical box sets?

10. Two words: Bacon Jam.

Random Thoughts for Wednesday

1. In case you were wondering, this is on my wish list.

2. Wait, they still make Zunes?

3. When Jesus said to not practice your righteousness before men, he probably meant facebook and Twitter also.

4. Tryptophan is in my near future.

5. It’s fun when your team is undefeated but not near as fun as when the expectations are lowered and the microscope is on everyone else.

6. I drove by an SUV last night that had vastly more TVs screens in it than my house.

7. I cannot wait to read this.

8. I have yet to find in Paul’s in letters a command to do personal evangelism. Still looking.

9. If Cam Newton is guilty, I’ll eat bacon.

10. Did I mention how much I want this?