Random Thoughts for Wednesday

1. Why do we pick the one time out of the whole year when people are shopping for others to harp on materialism?

2. When people turn out their Christmas lights and deflate the decorations before they leave their house, they might as well say, “Hey, no one is home…sooo, if you are a burglar we will not bother you if you are quick enough.”

3. I like Cracker Barrel’s coffee more than any coffee shop’s.

4. Dadgum, my wife can cook.

5. Our family is united in our affection on a few things: The Beatles, The Jesus Storybook Bible, our house and pizza.

6. This + this = awesome. Girly but awesome.

7.  Repentance, by definition, lays down defensive weapons and takes up humility.

8. Could it be that young evangelicals are moved by movements and trends more than God, himself?

9. I just realized I’ve always thought all the other innkeepers – you know, the ones with no rooms available – were mean people. But that isn’t is very fair to them.

10.  I vote for lights hung up all year long.

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