– My first thought when I heard John MacArthur had criticized a part of Darrin Patrick’s book was to think about my debt to MacArthur. This happens every time he is criticized. Even when I am inclined to agree with the criticism.

– My second thought was, “I know how the church planting and A29 ‘world’ will react.”

– MacArthur’s concern is that young pastors are taking an individualistic path on theological and ecclesiological formation based on marketing principles. In their very rush to dismiss his criticism, they have made his point.

It is absolutely foolish to point to the endorsers of a book as a defense against criticism. Again, this is part and parcel of the zeitgeist MacArthur is worried about.

– Having only read the section of the book in question and not the whole book,  I am not yet sure how I should feel about MacArthur’s criticism of Patrick’s statements. What I am sure of is how much the men of my generation and younger need to stop. We need to stop reacting to criticism and we need to sit down and think. If you say you have learned a lot from a man, then you owe him at least a few days to stop and think about his criticism. And for the sake of all that is sane, stop tweeting every pithy thought you might have about it. Stop having such a Goodfellas attitude about this kind of thing. Darrin is your boy. I get it. But you would shrug your shoulders if the criticism was leveled against someone else. The legitimacy of the criticism is not your concern. He’s your ‘boy.’

My guess is that Darrin is far more likely to stop and think about the criticism and hear it more than his fans are.

Update: I should add, I think part of this whole issue is the instant availability of the information along with the ability to respond so quickly. No contemplation under the night sky needed.  Just hit ‘post.’

Update: Make Sure you read what Ed says in the comment section below.

Update: Darrin patrick replies as I assumed he would and he says this:

For those of you who have been quick to be critical of Dr. MacArthur, please remember that we all need to be corrected from time to time. Also, ALL of us who are younger need to give a careful listen to the concerns of seasoned pastors, many of whom have forgotten more than we might ever know.