The plan: every tuesday will have a list of ten. Also part of the plan is for the lists to helpful and full of awesome.

The following are 10 blogs I read everyday. Of Course, I read more than 10 but these are the ones I try not to ever miss and if for some reason there is no post, my day just doesn’t go as well. They are listed in no particular order. I decided to not give any descriptions because then you might not click on the links. Don’t worry all links are safe. I think.

1. Don Miller

2. The Gospel Coalition

3. Abraham Piper

4. Hot Air

5. ABC 33/40 Weather

6. Baseball Musings

7. Rachel Held Evans

8. Internet Monk

9. Cranach: The Blog ofVeith

10. TiPB

What are your must read blogs? You know, besides this one…