Tuesday’s 10: My Favorite Posts On This Blog

1. Echoes and Stars. It’s where the name of the blog came from and it’s about the glorious early history of my wife and I

2. Go Ahead and Be Nobody Special. Whether it will be the last chapter of my book like I want, I am not sure but I love this little piece of writing.

3. Ten Lessons Learned From Eugene Peterson About Pastoral Work. I’m still learning from and thankful for this man, his ministry, his books and increasingly, his Message.

4. Going Green Eggs and Ham on “Blue Like Jazz”. I’m not a good apologizer but Don is a good forgiver.

5. 10 Things I Say To My Wife That Make Our Marriage Great. Just go read it and feel free to use these yourself.

6. A Mother’s Day Sermon…If I Had To Preach One. By far my most popular post, I still get thank you notes from all over the world in response to it.

7. Christmas Is for Haters. This one was picked up by TGC and should be somewhere on the Chrsitainty Today site in December.

8. 10 Thoughts On the Present Criticism of the American Dream. If I had one post that I think needs to be read by today’s young people, this is it.

9. The Silence of Paul on Evangelism. Sometimes the Emperor has no clothes on and you have to say something.

10. This Peace With God. Part of a series. One I hope to pick up again.

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