Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. My first generation iPhone still works.

2. Going to see Patty Griffin this Friday. Not sure if you knew that.

3.Ummm, if you think those protestors are right about Wall Street, can I have all the stuff you own because of rich Wall Street bankers? You should probably get rid of your stuff. Thanks.

4. My first ipod had 64 GB. My first computer had about 500 MB and it was only 5 years older.

5. When my wife goes into the kitchen to cook some kind of magic happens and life becomes more awesome.

6. Last night I was retweeted by Dale Murphy, a childhood hero. No big deal, I will never wash my Twitter stream again.

7. Some pastor will will probably tweet something from his iPhone about idol worship and Steve Jobs.

8. I wonder if bacon thinks I’m awesome too.

9. If you would have told me a couple of months ago I would know what I know now about banking and the world of finance, I would have laughed in your face.

10. God, Family, Meat, Country.

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