Matthew Paul Turner has posted links to Joyful Exiles, the blog of Paul Petry and his wife, Jonna. Over the next few days this story will be pretty much everywhere. I would not be surprised if this story gets picked up by the mainstream media, since Mark and Grace Driscoll have been everywhere hocking their book.

If you read nothing else, read this lengthy piece by Paul’s wife, Jonna.

Make sure you check out the extensive documentation Petry has provided in the right sidebar.

The Mars Hill leadership and their buddies will call them and (me) “watchbloggers” – a derogatory term – because of this. I know they’ll do this because they already have. And most likely, Scott Thomas, Driscoll himself or Jamie Munson will say something like – “I wish the critics would talk about Jesus as much as they attack us.”

Just wait.

Jesus is a lot of things in the New Testament. but one of the things no one seems to ever talk about is how he was an advocate for the weak and those hurt by those in control…those with all the power. The watchbloggers are not perfect. But they are places of advocacy.

I don’t mind being numbered above them.