Tuesday’s 10: What I Love About Christmas

There are a lot of reasons to like Christmas. Especially if you are still young like me. I can’t list them all on a Tuesday without the risk of ripping a hole in the atmosphere. If I do that Christmas might get cancelled and then I will not get the rocket launcher and jet pack I asked for. So here are just 10 awesomer then awesome things about Christmas.

1. Driving around town looking at lights. We will do this a number of times and yell “Christmas Lights” every time we see some…even if they look like street lights.

2. Not listening to Mariah Carey Christmas music. Sometimes I do this with hot chocolate.

3. Eating those weenies slow cooked in BBQ sauce in a crock pot someone usually brings to the Christmas party. I love you, whoever you are.

4. Buying my wife gifts and spending more money than allowed. I get this from my Dad.

5. Not listening to Christmas songs by Wham. Easy and fun!

6. Watching my kids open presents. Finally we can play with the toys which have been sitting in the top of my wife’s closet for weeks.

7. Sitting by the tree with the iPad. This is a very important new tradition which requires we put other parts of our life on hold.

8. Explaining to our kids that Christmas does not equal snow. This is tricky now because last year for the first time ever it snowed on Christmas day.

9. Opening presents. We youngsters still enjoy it.

10. Singing Ox and Ass in church. I’ll never grow out of enjoying this. Great lesson on context.

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