1. Wife brought home Zaxby’s last night and I felt like we were cheating on Chick-fil-a.

2. For all of you who think Christmas is too materialistic, can I have your presents?

3. I’m thinking about starting a new blog detailing all my meals. It will be called “Awesome.”

4. I need to just get over it. I’ll never look as good as I want to in a leotard.

5. One of my favorite parts of the season is curling up by the fire and skipping “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on Pandora.

6. Zaxby’s sauce is also known as “1/6 of a Big Mac”.

7. My greatest weakness as a writer is remembering what punctuation goes inside the quotation marks and which are outside. So I just do it both ways and then I’m happy to have gotten half right.

8. Just how Pagan is the Winter Solstice? Cause I need an excuse to keep our tree up till March.

9. So far the best part of working in a bank is someone always has change for a dollar.

10. Not being able to remember the last time you had bacon is kinda like a meat specific amnesia.