1. I never can remember the rules for placing my children on eBay.

2. Can we stop pretending Christian rap is sensible?

3. I may lose man points when I watch Downton Abbey. But I will be comforted knowing I can listen to Adele when the sadness sets in.

4. Prediction: At some point in the near future there will be a government program to provide mp3 players and free music to those who cannot afford them.

5. The present peddlers of religious goods and services employ the bait and switch of grace to draw you in and law to keep you there.

6. Got really upset at Lord Grantham while watching the latest Downton Abbey episode. But then I realized, he’s just a character in a show. So now I’m mad at Hugh Bonneville.

7. Baseball season is so close I can almost taste the overpriced nachos.

8. Did you know that if you ignore discouraging emails, they don’t disappear?

9. Eugene Peterson is wood, steel, and stone in a plastic religious culture.

10. “Come to me, all who are weary and I will ask you to sign a contract.”