Questions About the Acts 29 Changes

I’ve had a little more time to think about all the changes at Mars Hill. And though I’ve tried to talk myself into believing the moves are good, I remain unconvinced. I just have too many questions…

Does any of this have anything to do with Paul Petry and his accusations? Will his accusations be addressed or will everyone in Mars Hill, A29, TGC, etc. act as if nothing has happened? 

Are the reasons stated publicly the whole story? Or is this the typical A29/Mars Hill political machinery at work? 

Will the A29 churches questioning their association just breathe a sigh of relief and move on as if none o this every happened, just glad they have a more innocent face for the brand? Or will they keep asking the hard questions?

There are only two possible reasons I can think of for everyone (besides we few bloggers) ignoring the Petry allegations. Either they do not believe it is true or they do not think his allegations of abuse of authority are a big deal.

I know there are discussions going on behind the scenes. But why not in public? I know it would be messier to have discuss all of this publicly. But why is that bad? Is there such a desire to protect the brand, they are afraid to say something, anything?

Regardless. It all has the air of damage control and PR and political machinery.

If this was happening with a theological group you did not care for – say, the fundamentalists you all ran from, or the Catholics…or the mainline denominations – you would call all this silence, arrogance. So why are we not worried about it now? Because we fear men and idolize them in the same moment.

One thought on “Questions About the Acts 29 Changes

  1. Rebecca K July 13, 2012 / 12:29 am

    Late on the reply on this one- but the answer to your question- why are people not talking about it publicly? Because of the unspoken “no talk” rule, you dont’ question authority at Mars Hill, you don’t do it WITHIN the system, let alone outside it. Its unacceptable. Our family left after Jonna’s testimony on Joyful Exiles. Since then its all become so clear that we are astounded that we were so blinded before, and are still astounded that the CLEAR abuses going on at that church by that “pastor” (who can laugh and say that by GOD’S GRACE there will be a mountain of people his bus has run over) are entirely ignored by our friends whom we love. Its sad, its REALLY sad.

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