1. Paterno, Peyton and Petrino.

2. The idea of a post-race culture is a chimera if only because we must make anything and everything about race, every time and all the time. We are rescuing the drowning with anvils.

3. I was eating sausage the other day and I thought, “Something is missing.” It took me a moment but I realized that something was bacon.

4. CJ Mahaney is speaking at T4G on the subject, “When Pastors Lose Heart.” I no longer have the least desire to be a part of the YRR movement. At all.

5. Working with an editor on your book is all at once exhilarating and humbling.

6. A pastor who is happy in obscurity is a good pastor.

7. If you don’t mind, could you take just a moment and pray for my fantasy team today? I only have one pitcher in the mix today and I need him to dominate.

8. Justice for non-skinny jean wearers!

9. The resurrection of The King may be the most neglected fact in our everyday lives.

10. I never knew as a pastor the relentless difficulty of working as a believer out in the real world. If I had, I would have shown much more grace and tenderness. At least I would like to think I would have.