Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. Thinking about applying for the position of CEO of the company I work for. It’s not an open position but I want them to know I’m interested.

2. We hand out too much fine print in the Church.

3. Last week I asked y’all to pray for my fantasy baseball and it was obvious you did not. Thanks for that.

4. I was supposed to go to a “security meeting” yesterday but when I found out they were not giving us throwing stars, I decided to postpone it.

5. Where is the Bacon Genie when you need him?

6. I saw a couple of people got annoyed about my post on 10 ways to annoy a legalist.

7. Epic Security/Marketing Idea for Banks: “Every Branch has a Ninja.”

8. You do realize that pretty much everything we were told at the beginning of the Martin/Zimmerman coverage has been now shown to be wrong, don’t you?

9. Spirit > Written Code

10. Maybe I should apply for Head of Security.

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