1. Last night I dreamed that Justin Taylor read an excerpt of my book, questioned my orthodoxy and then John Piper said “Farewell” and my book then skyrocketed up the best sellers list.

2. You ever read The Lord of the Rings and envy Frodo and Sam’s journey to Mordor because they don’t have to go to work?

3. I’ll be running a special on my book. If you buy one at full price you get nine more at full price also.

4. I wonder what Pujols is doing right now.

5. You ever see people on facebook or Twitter talk about being sick and think, “I wish I was sick at home”?

6. I thought my kids were really smart and then they fell for “The Quiet Game” all too easily.

7. My 3 year old son insists Dora is quality TV. The exorcism is scheduled for next week.

8. I just read that James MacDonald makes $500,000.00 per year. As a pastor.

9. Read an article the other day about how demeaning flipping burgers as a job is for young people. My first thought was about how awesome that job would be…because it’s burgers.

10. Everyone finds humility attractive until someone comes to you for help, hat in hand. And then we wish they had more pride.