1) Just a reminder that you should not criticize the American Dream from an electronic device. You could break the Matrix.

2) God, through others, has provided for us this week in a way that chips away at my cynicism to reveal some tender hope underneath.

3) “…and in the backseat, we’re just trying to find some room for our knees…”

4) Last night I dreamed about baseball season and it was wonderful.

5) The pants of my favorite blue suit have a hole in them…may be a job for Knit Em Jenny.

6) Today David Platt, famous for his book critiquing the American Dream, will be speaking at a conference. You can watch the Livestream of his talk. Online. In high definition. On your computer. Or iPad. You know, using wifi.

7) My kids are awesome. Wanna borrow ’em?

8) Watching my wife cook is like a two-for-one deal.

9) You know you belong to a good church when you are not with them and you still feel like you are with them.

10) Windows down. Sunroof open. This on 11.