1) I prefer swallowing 100% organic pollen.

2) Pretty sure last night at Regions Field was an example of the already/not yet of the Kingdom. At least an apt metaphor.

3) “…covered in wilderness, covered in stain…”

4) Went to my uncle’s funeral this week, worth the vacation day I had to take.

5) Whip me, beat me, and call me a geek, but I picture Viggo Mortenson when I read the book of Revelation.

6) No time for grief, gotta start a cause.

7) Most people sit in front of me and think money is the problem and solution. I see so much of myself in them, it’s painful.

8) Ran this morning. Glad there was a handle on fridge door to hang on to when done.

9) The pace of a baseball is rebuke against our hurried lives..

10) The reign of our King will never end.