It is arrogance to say “these are the best books” for a particular year. I do not say this as a writer but as a reader. Better to say, “These are really good books I enjoyed.” Or, “These are the books I enjoyed the most.”

I continue to love Pope Francis despite my Calvinism.

I can hear college students now, “Look professor, the problem here is not plagiarism, it is the pressure you and the University put on people like me to preform to high standard.”

The Christmas story never gets old to me, it always speaks as though alive.

I continue to love sausage despite my baconism.

Just sitting and waiting till pitchers and catchers report.

Hang on loosely to everything but your books.

Humility and mercy are beautiful wherever you see them.

My two favorite novels are Pride and Prejudice and The Road. I can’t explain this either.

My story of serving in an Acts 29 church cannot be told without instances of ghostwriting and plagiarism. One day it will be told.