1. There are numerous people suffering and dying who have no stage or blog, platform from which to tell of their struggle to trust God. Remember that.

2. Last night I picked up a book to read and then put it down after giving it three nights. Then I picked up another and put it down after a couple of pages. Frustrated, I picked up my $1.50 copy of A Moveable Feast and settled in.

3. In all seriousness my wife’s cooking is preferable to all the restaurants I know.

4. I’m actually thankful for the loss of an hour this past weekend. It has given me something to blame my lack of productivity at work on.

5. Already this week I’ve heard half a dozen heart-wrenching stories from coworkers and customers. It’s Wednesday.

6. Had tacos twice today, so it’s kinda like Christmas around here.

7. Sometimes I read men like Hemingway and feel closer to the way I’m supposed to when reading than when I read Christian writers.

8. Faith leans into grief.

9. We like to refer to the time period after 8 PM as the time “when the 5 yr old is not talking.”

10. I need a vacation like Beyonce needs autotune.