1. I prefer to listen to old men singing sad songs. They are closer to the end.

2. I am glad to know I will hear a clear presentation of the gospel each Sunday because I’m thoroughly worn down by the end of the week, weary.

3. Last weekend Mark Driscoll preached at an Acts 29, which in microcosm, displays the inherent and tragic problems of Acts 29. 

4. Every time I go out to eat I think about how my wife’s cooking is better. And her company makes it even better.

5. Winter in Alabama means cutting the grass in February.

6. I never noticed how the click of the keyboard can sound like the pick against a rock.

7. Baseball is so close…

8. Johnny Cash reminds me of the biblical characters more than anyone.

9. Dying is scarier than death.

10. The coaches at the ballpark nowadays are nicer than most of the coaches I had. I mention this because I enjoy watching the coaches push Dylan and be kind to him and encourage him as he fails and succeeds.