1. If this weather is the result of global warming, I love global warming.

2. This past Monday I watched a baseball game while eating hot dogs and it was perfect.

3. I am glad to be unnerved by the Scriptures. If they were never unnerving, they could not be the Word of God. The Scriptures are certainly more than unnerving, but they are not less.

4. Hope is exhausting but it is never foolish.

5. I should publicly admit how wrong I was about the ballpark. It’s true there are parents who take it too seriously, but I love the friendships that are developing with other families. No agendas, just enjoying being together.

6. I know you won’t believe me but free-range peeps actually taste better.

7. Yesterday one friend had an all clear on cancer and another had a pacemaker put in. Both my age. Both pastors. Both, the kind of men you look up to.

8. Putting a record on the turntable for the first time never gets old. I wish I could get paid to do that.

9. My daughter got a new Language Arts teacher yesterday, who just happens to be our next door neighbor.

10. People look at me sideways when I talk about my love of Loretta Lynn. This morning I was driving to where I run and thinking about my kids and asked God, “Why would you give *me* kids like the ones you gave me?” I wasn’t complaining. I wasn’t sad or angry. I really wanted to know. I was listening to Van Lear Rose, the Loretta Lynn album produced by Jack White and this was what I heard…