Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1. Be so caught up in the Kingdom of God, which cannot be shaken that people will accuse you of not caring about the kingdoms of this world.

2. I think it is good to say “no” to something that is not necessarily bad so that you will see the value of Jesus in the absence of that thing. The dearer that thing is, the more it will feel like a kind of death. This is why it is called “dying to self.”

3. Conservatives want freedom and therefore cannot hear the pleas of scientists regrading wearing masks. Liberals want freedom and cannot hear the pleas of scientists regarding when life begins. Our desire for freedom needs to be seen for the idolatry it is.

4. It is hard to receive and give grace.

5. One of the reasons the early church did not seem to care about politics and barely even mentioned the qualities or existence of governmental leaders and their oppressive policies is they were following a resurrected King of a real Kingdom. This may be hard for Christians in America to understand because we do not have Kings. But it is also harder for us because resurrection is just a consolation prize if this life is not going well.

6. Jesus understands this world better than anyone, since he created it. So it makes sense that the most sane way to live in this world is following him as we walk through this world by obeying his commands.

7. It was hard to be let go from a job I loved. It has been much harder to forgive those who let me go.

8. One of the beauties of homsechooling is there is no division between the instruction they receive as part of “school” and what they learn everywhere else. They are always being educated by us. And therefore it is natural to talk about what they are learning at any time. Education (teaching and learning) is always happening.

9. One of the best things I learned from my parents for my own marriage, and which now I counsel for other marriages, is the best thing you can do for your family is invest in your marriage. For the sake of your kids, invest time and energy in your marriage.

10. I love that in Romans 8, “intercession” keeps coming up. Imagine you are in a foreign land and you barely know the language. And something goes wrong and the authorities of that land are not happy with you but you have someone on your side who knows that place and it’s ways better than anyone. And they say to you, “I will not leave you. I will not forsake you. I will not stop interceding for you.”

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