Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1. Most Bible-readers are familiar with Paul’s admonition of “Do not be anxious about anything in Philippians 4:6. But what I find interesting is the phrase before it – “The Lord is near.” Now you might be tempted to think that means that he is coming soon. Maybe. But most of the time when that Greek word is used in the NT it means spatially near. And every time Paul uses it, that’s what it means. So, “The Lord is spatially near to you. Do not be anxious about anything…”

2. The best way to stop seeing everything through a political lens is to turn off the news and follow no news online and spend that time in prayer and the ancient Scriptures.

3. Wisdom is knowing how to deal with facts.

Fact: I had a miserable soul-crushing experience working at the bank.

Fact: Many people have had great experiences working at the bank.

Wisdom is realizing that both of these are true and there is nothing wrong with either.

4. Yesterday, my son asked me how long I’d been listening to Springsteen. And I told him I do not remember a time when I was not. His songs are just part of the fabric of my growing up. I used to walk around the house singing, “Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack/I went out for a ride and I never went back.” My mom was not very fond of this. He’s like an uncle who is rebellious but you’re proud of him and love him anyway. My son then asked if I’d take him to see him in concert.

5. A disciple of Jesus is one who follows him in safety knowing he has already defeated our great enemies of sin and death.

6. We should not be surprised by the transgender revolution. For a long time now the argument has been, there is no real difference between men and women. We thought we were valuing women by telling them there is no real difference between them and men and instead we were stealing their dignity.

7. Kids are not decoration. They are not bling. They are not filigree to make us look better on Instagram and Facebook.

8. Why should we expect our prayers to be answered if we do not seek obedience and time with Jesus? I mean, they might be answered, but why should we expect it?

9. Successful counseling is far more dependent on the desire and intention of the client to do the work of change than on my smarts.

10. How come no one is talking about “social mercy?”

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for the Weekend

  1. 2charp July 24, 2021 / 9:58 am

    #6 – yup, saw the demeaning of women in the 70’s, also in regards to abortion.

    #9 – going through counseling is hard, soooo worth it, and yes, the hard work is on the counselee (?); I saw my counselor as the guide, not necessarily showing me the way, but helping me navigate difficult issues and people. Everyone should go through it.

    #10 – define it? I think I may love this…

    • matt b redmond July 24, 2021 / 12:14 pm

      “Social” refers to how we interact and treat others. How do we treat our waitresses when they mess up? How do treat people who drive terribly around us? How do we treat people who think we are awful people because of our skin color? Do we love our enemies and pray for them?

  2. 2charp July 24, 2021 / 3:07 pm

    Got it! Ok, that’s the point I’ve been trying to make with my family for years…but would rather tear apart everyone they dislike. Thanks for making this and saying this as you did…social mercy.

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