The Video I Know I’m Not Necessarily Supposed to Like But Do Love

I love this. I know I’m not supposed to. But I do. I’ve watched it about 10 times.

Why you ask? I was not bullied a lot as a kid but I was enough to hate school. I got picked on a good bit for my stuttering among other things.  I probably did my own share of bullying, for which I look back on in horror. I also finished up my High School years at a school where I was really scared some days.

You might also ask, “Is this what you would ask your kids to do”?


I would ask them to walk away. But if they did do this I would tell them to never do it again. And while they were suspended I would buy them toys, take them to Chuck-E-Cheese, Yogurt Mountain and we’d stay up late watching Bugs Bunny cartoons. And then I would give them extra kisses.

And probably ask them to not do it again…with a wink.