Day One With Lewis

I’ve been waiting for this day for a couple of months. Normally the first day of the year is a fairly small event. A day off. But this year I begin my reading through a few dozen books by and about C.S. Lewis. Here is where I explain the rationale behind it all. The only thing I am changing is that I am not going to do a separate blog for it – at least not yet. It felt too big for someone like myself who is not a great time manager. Two blogs is a lot of writing and thinking and editing and well, blogging. Our church is in transition where I am the only pastor on staff. And I want to become a better teacher of theology for my ninth-graders.

What will change with this blog is the number of posts coming out of it. I assume there will be more posts and most likely on all seven days of the week…a Sabbatarian just got a twitch in his eye as a result of that last statement.

So today is Day One. Today I start reading Planet Narnia and begin my mentorship by C.S. Lewis through his life and writing.

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