Thursday Random Thoughts

1. The Auburn/Alabama rivalry is crazy. It’s like soccer, only no one get’s killed. Yet.

2. In a world of cool, quirky and functional, it is nearly impossible for us understand that what is ‘lovely’ is a means of sanctification.

3. Do any church leaders ever think, “Hey, let’s make this event smaller than last year?”

4. You probably think I talk about bacon too much. That’s just crazy. More than likely you don’t talk about it enough.

5. Relax. It is finished.

6. I most likely preached my worst sermon ever this past week. Glad to get that over with.

7. There is nothing more radical in our day and age than to be still and know God is God.

8. I had very little idea of what a pastor was until about a year ago.

9. We stand on the shoulders of giants, who we probably would not follow.

10. Do you love the silence of Paul on issues that are dear to you?

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