Tuesday’s 10: Favorite Foods

Limiting my favorite foods to 10 would be stupid hard. So that is not what this is. These are 10 foods that would always be at the top.

1. Buffalo Wings. I discovered these babies back in the summer of 1991 while I was living in Buffalo for the summer. They cheap, hot and everywhere. I never not want them. I’m trying to think back over the years and remember if I’ve ever had some bad ones. Nope.

2. Shrimp. I have never eaten shrimp cooked in any fashion and thought it was not royally good. On my last vacation I had shrimp 7 different ways.

3. Bacon. Maybe this should be number 1. Sorry bacon, momentary lapse of reason.

4. Hot Dogs. I eat them all the time and have been eating them all the time since I was a kid. The ones I eat now are almost fat free. But I add stuff to help ’em out. See Number 3.

5. Pizza. I think people who do not like pizza are communists. Or fascists. Either way, they should be looked at sideways and you should worry about your belongings. The best pizza around me is Café Luigi in Riverchase.

6. Reuben Sandwich. A good Reuben is worth whatever it costs. One of my favorites is the Russell Street Reuben from McGurk’s in the STL.

7. Cheeseburger. Who doesn’t like these besides communists and fascists? Add bacon and it becomes an eschatological experience. Around these parts Mugshots has the best.

8. Bar-B-Que. Wait. maybe this should be number 1. You know how rice is a called a “staple” for Asians? Well, for the Redmonds, this is our staple. I grew up eating this all the time. Pork shoulder, Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, Chicken, Turkey, Bacon. You name it, I think if you smoke it and put some BBQ sauce on it, it’s dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast for that matter. I also smoke my own.

9. Asian. Speaking of Asians. I love your food. At least the americanized form of it. Favorites? Pad Thai. Mongolian Beef. Lo Mein. Teriyaki Beef. Satay. Laab. Sushi. Fried Rice. Crab Rangoon. Egg Rolls. Spring Rolls.

10. Gyro. I can remember when I was in college and I realized not everyone grew up eating Greek food. I’m Irish…and Native American. But Birmingham is rife with Greek places. Some have white table cloths and some are dives that stay open all night. A Gyro Wrap from The Purple Onion is about as good as it gets. My body often craves shaved meat from a spinning pole.

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