Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. People who don’t like ebooks are sooooooo materialistic.

2. Had a good day at work. It was weird.

3. Raised my hand while singing in church once but only cause I had a question about whether I was supposed to sing yet.

4. When my book comes out I will pray that all those who criticize it get saved.

5. If working at a bank was good enough for T.S. Eliot, well then…

6. A good reason to not nominate Ron Paul is the idealism of his supporters.

7. Where in the world is the baseball season when you need it?

8. Been talking walks in my neighborhood at night and I’ve seen things you just never see anymore, like a Burger King cup.

9. When you’ve been watching Downton Abbey, everything else plays like a B-movie. Except baseball.

10. I’ve lost 3 lbs this week in preparation for the Super Bowl.

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