1. I’m not sure what it is about the James Bond movies that pastors would find appealing. Maybe it’s the wanton violence. The sexy chicks? Vengeance? Probably just special effects good enough to not be bothered by all the other stuff.

2. As Christians we are called to love our enemies without qualification. Not easy. But when it comes to politics. We don’t even seem to be trying.

3. I don’t remember what it was like for rain to not be falling.

4. My wife doesn’t agree with me when I say she is universally thought of as beautiful. It’s not just me.

5. Bob Dylan’s “Time Out Of Mind” is a perfect rainy day soundtrack. Actually just a perfect soundtrack.

6. Maybe Christians are not taken seriously on many social issues because when we are threatened we cling to a weapon and not the cross alone.

7. I always hope my boss is at work. This is very different than before.

8. I’ve been reading the Gospels lately. Thinking about them a lot. You cannot escape the fact that Jesus went easy on prostitutes compared to his treatment of religious leaders who continually added rules to control their followers.

9. It’s been over a week since I’ve had pizza. This is quite a feat for me.

10. Evangelicals are hard on prosperity preachers but our pastors are very prosperous. None take the steps Rich Mullins took. They are monied. Maybe that’s okay. I don’t know anymore.