Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. There is a bent part of me hoping Dylan doesn’t even go and get the Nobel Prize.

2. Sometimes worrying about the possible negative consequences of presidential elections, feels like a luxury.

3. Those things which can bring the most joy also are in the position to deliver the greatest disappointment.

4. I know you don’t think you can drink Mango Tangos all day in the Mexican sun, but you can. You really can.

5. The other day I saw two young ladies studying in the library. They looked so young and everything was held so lightly. Their laughter was nothing but beautiful. They both wore hijabs. This was the only thing that stood out about them except their laughter. And it was like no one was there for them to be self-conscious about. They weren’t just alone at the table, the room was empty. I wonder if I’d be the same. 

6. If you don’t think Dylan should have won the Nobel Prize because he does music and not Literature, then the Psalms and the Greek choruses are excluded as Literature too.

7. When I walk over my front yard and hear the crunch of dry grass under my feet, all I hear is, “You don’t have to cut me anymore.”

8. Keep in mind that Shakespeare wrote plays, which were the pop culture of the day. Actors and playwrights were not held in high esteem like today. Once you know this you can understand why Dylan may be a good choice for the Nobel Prize. If you don’t understand Shakespeare’s influence on Literature and culture, shame on you. If don’t know Dylan’s, same.

9. If the NT writers didn’t feel the need to condemn the Emperors of Rome and their policies, our leaders should feel no need, either.

10. Some days the pain is slight. But most days it is in technicolor. HD, even. I’m tempted to look down at my hands and say, “It’s the damnedest thing.” But I suppose I’m to take it all as a blessing. Knowing and doing and very distant cousins.

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Random Thoughts

  1. Dan McDonald October 20, 2016 / 8:42 am

    The prize was for a lifetime of work. His songwriting had moved people and chronicled human experience in a remarkable manner. He was deserving of consideration and in my estimation of the honor.

  2. angie5804 October 20, 2016 / 7:56 pm

    #3 – yes
    #7 – my husband thinks the same thing
    #9 – I need to ponder that

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