Random Thoughts for the Week Ahead

1. Hope in politicians is more harmful for the church than anything a politician can do.

2. Have you ever stopped to think about how passionately you cheer for your college sports team, even though that college has most likely, in all academic disciplines, ignored the vital reality of God in considering its ideas and conclusions about how to live in this world? It’s worth thinking about.

3. The best thing you can do for your kids is to give loving attention to your spouse.

4. According to the Scriptures, you can walk daily in fellowship with God.

5. If I counsel anyone with a view other than them following Jesus better, even if they overcome whatever issue they were struggling with, I have not counseled them well.

6. There is a lot to be learned about how to follow Jesus from those who followed Jesus before the Reformation.

7. The current hot button issues of the day are not affecting the church near as much as kids’ sports is.

8. If we neglect prayer and the reading of the Scriptures in our daily lives, we are neglecting those primary things which we have been created to do.

9. Listening to beautiful music is good for you.

10. The Covid-19 vaccine is a gift from God that has saved many lives and the fact that me saying this is controversial among my fellow believers is an indictment of the state of the church in America.

One thought on “Random Thoughts for the Week Ahead

  1. 2charp January 16, 2022 / 8:29 pm

    Matt, are you still blogging/posting? If so, I’m not getting recent ones. How can I check this out?

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