Happy BBQ Day!

No real post today.

Actually that’s not true, because this is now a bona fide post.

I’m conflicted about Labor Day. I’m not a fan of labor unions but I do have a lot of respect for BBQ. As a matter of fact they are polar opposites in my universe.

The Universe of AwesomestuffIlike.

It’s a great place.

So. I’ll be celebrating pork and fixins’ and some time with my parentals and my brothers and their families.

Protip: Don’t trust people who don’t eat BBQ.

And Happy BBQ Day!

Random Thoughts

1. Some memories are like money found in the pocket of a coat unworn for many warm months.

2. No comment from Mary Jo Kopechne on this.

3. When I was younger I wanted to look into theology at the expense of everything but as I’ve gotten older I find myself wanting to look through theology so I can actually see everything.

4. I’m holding out for CSI: Toldeo and Law & Order: Funeral Procession Officers.

5. The computer that decides the BCS rankings must be a PC.

6. I have trouble remembering what I wear from day to day. And this is bad when you teach teenagers. So I used to be worried that I would wear the same thing two days in a row. But then I remembered I teach at a private school. A classical school even. Where they wear uniforms. I now no longer worry about this.

7. We live in a world in which young people want to change the world but do not want to change diapers.

8. Pork product.

9. Not many songs better than this.

10. Losing 20 lbs. has rendered all of my shirts ‘puffy‘.