1. I just threw away a toy and felt very empowered doing so.

2. Give peace a chance? Pasha! Give me a chance at a piece of bacon.

3. I broke down and bought some sandals to wear. I think they are men’s sandals.

4. Three words: Southern. Fried. Broccoli.

5. Not that my crocs weren’t comfortable. What is uncomfortable is the way people look at me when I wear them in public. You know, when they pull their children close and then keep an eye on me.

6. Watched Return of the Jedi the other day. Not sure why, but I like Leia in this one a lot more.

7. I know all my kids need Jesus. But my youngest may need the whole Trinity.

8. I would like to apologize to all my readers for eating something organic.

9. Did my first wedding. It might take.

10. Headed to the beach. And I like everything about the beach except the heat, wind, sand and salt water. Which leaves seafood.